Love … that happen like that

It was just a normal summer day of 2009 while I along with one my friends went for shopping. At that time I had fractured my right hand so it was plastered. In the market I met one of my college friends i.e   Ishan. I was not so close with him so I just say hi to him and moved away. I also noticed that along with him another guy is also standing there but I was not bothered about him. After shopping we went to our hostel. 
In the very next day when I was in college Ishan  came to me and said that the other guy who was standing with him wants to marry me.. I was like what the hell is wrong with that guy. I dont even know him and he wants to marry me??? Ohhhh ghosh please help me. I just don’t give a damn to him and walked away.

After two days I got a call from an unknown number I pick up the call and it was that guy. He introduced himself as Ishan’s friend  and his name is Mohsin. He just asked how are you  and when I said I am fine he said ok  bye take care. Before I could say something he cut the call. I said to myself no, at least not this guy, he doesn’t know how to talk how can I date him. 

After that he messaged me in FB and  said “Please don’t mind actually I was very nervous at that time and couldn’t say a word to you hope you understand

I replied him back ” it’s ok not an issue bye take care “

He then said ” so coffee at my place? ”  I was like okay at last he is talking something in sense. 

I replied, “okay sure , but when?

He “it’s totally your wish as I am always free for you. If you asked me to meet you at 12 midnight also I could go as my first priority is you.” Oh that means he is something 😃😃

I replied  “ok tomorrow at 4 o’clock? “

He “see you tomorrow”

 The next day when I was getting ready he called me and said be ready I am on my way to your hostel and I’ll pick you up. And finally he arrived and I saw him for the very first time.. the moment I saw him I said to myself yes he is the man. He look damn handsome that day. When I sit in his car he gave me a red  rose  and lots of chocolates. I am very impress with him. After that we went to his place and we chatted for two long hours and yeah I mus say those two hours are the best two hours of my life . 

On our way back to hostel, he gave me a red envelop and asked me to open it at night. And I  reached my hostel then he said take good care of you as my heart is with you so you need to take care of everything.

 He called me at 8 and asked me to  open the envelop and as I did it I saw a beautiful hand made card and it was written “Will you be  my wife with whom I want to spend the whole life?

As I opened it I literally cried with happiness and immediately I said yes I to want to be your wife.

And with that our love journey has started and it has been 7years we are together. And very recently we got engaged to each other and hoping to marry soon. 

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